About John Sherwood Art

Being based in the UK, I have worked in many areas of art over the years. Disciplines into which I have ventured include painting & drawing, iPad art, photography, image & text, short stories, poetry and performance. This has produced a diverse but highly personal body of work. The selection here is presented in the categories of Figurative ArtAbstract ArtIdiosyncratic ArtImage & Text and Photography. It features pieces that I think especially lend themselves to reproduction through the high quality process known as giclee printing. The prints on show are made to archival quality whilst remaining at an economical price by virtue of their small scale. They come either with or without a frame. Bespoke orders are also available. Please contact me by phone or email if you would like to discuss making an order that is tailored to your individual needs.

Shipping costs are added to the price and vary according to which part of the world the picture is sent to. It may enhance a bank space, or cafe, or could add interest to a passenger ship, or become hotel room art. May each print, be it a townscape or landscape, or perhaps computer-aided art, be enjoyed in its destination, be that a domestic, recreational or work space, for many years to come!


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John Sherwood